Majority of meningiomas cases occurs in the brain but can also grow on parts of the spinal cord. Often patient with meningiomas require no immediate treatments as they have no symptoms. But the growth of benign meningiomas can cause serious problems including fatality.

Meningiomas are the most common type of tumor that originates from the central nervous system, occurring more often in woman than in men. Some type of meningiomas are classified as atypical which means they are not consideres either as benign or malignant, but may become malignant. A small number of meningiomas are cancerous which grows quickly and spread through other parts of the brain and beyond that, most often to the lungs.

Causes and risk factors

Causes of meningiomas are not well understood yet, however there are known risks factors:
– Radiation exposure
– Genetic disorder (Neurofibromatosis type 2)

Another factor that meningiomasoccur most commonly is in older women between the ages of 30 and 70. Some study also shown previous injuries might also be a risk factor. Meningiomas have been found in places where skull fractures have occurred. They have also been found in places where the surrounding membrane has been scarred, but recent study failed to confirm this.


Meningiomas develop really slowly; therefore the symptoms often develop gradually if they develop at all.
However most common symptoms include:
– Headaches
– Seizures
– Blurred vision
– Weakness in arms or legs
– Numbness
– Speech problems


Meningiomas are rarely diagnosed before they begin to cause symptoms. If the symptoms indicate the possibility of meningiomas, brain scan (MRI/CT scan) can be used to allow doctors to detect meningioma and determine the size. Biopsy may also be performed.

Meningioma Treatment

When the tumor is not causing any indication of the symptoms, observation is the recommendation. Brain scans can be performed to determine if the tumor is growing. If the tumor growth is causing problems and symptoms are developing, Gamma Knife treatment can used. Radiation therapy such as Gamma Knife can be used when the location of meningioma is difficult to access for surgery. Gamma Knife can shrink the tumor or help prevent it from growing any larger; killing cancer cells if the tumor is malignant.

How do I know if Gamma Knife Treatment is right for me?
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